| Apricots

The most cost effective solution for the delicate handling of apricots

Sorting apricots is an extra delicate operation and Aweta’s Midstar sizer and all-new Power Vision 3D Hyper Spectral guarantee excellent soft handling, perfect weight and colour sorting and efficient external quality sorting. Real time quality monitoring, dedicated machine features, product tracking and tracing plus automated infeed and packing lines guarantee reduced labour costs, increased production and higher profit margins.

We need a state-of-the-art grading line that fits our budget and demographic.

We are specialized in customized modular packing lines for both large and small packing houses and design complete in-house "wall to wall" systems to increase customers' throughput and efficiency.


We need a partner who knows the market and is willing to grow with us.

We pride ourselves on providing local support to customers who like us have the same goals: to be efficient and to expand. Our people on the ground understand your needs and concerns both locally and globally.



Apricot Quality
There is a growing demand for higher external and internal quality. The external quality of the produce is the driving factor in the decision to purchase the product. Power Vision 3D Hyper Spectral allows you to establish the right choice and provide the right quality to your customers


Internal quality (texture, taste and absence of internal defects) is linked to aspects that are not generally perceived externally but are equally important to many consumers.


Inscan-Iqa-apricots can separate soft and firm fruit and only produce of a firm and consistent quality  will be packed and sent to retailers and supermarkets.

Grading Technology

Midstar has been designed especially for smaller produce. It is Fast, Smooth and Efficient meaning your apricots are in the Best Hands. The cutting edge patented Midstar singulator guarantees a smooth transfer onto the carrier and from there the carrier’s mid-positioned rotating axis ensures an even transfer to the outlets brushes.
High capacity and Precise Weighing Accuracy: The Midstar’s patented carrier system ensures an accurate and stable weighing system that operates at high speed while still maintaining an optimum fill rate.



Packing Technology

Aweta provides tailor-made solutions. An example being our line of unique and versatile packaging systems. Produce is packaged in accordance to the individual requirements of the customer (e.g. supermarkets and retailers). Options include crates, boxes, bags, nets, clamshells or punnets. All packaging can be labelled with the date of production and all other desired information, enabling accurate tracking and tracing on an international scale.



Palletizing Technology

All of our palletization processes operate using a unique management and supervision system, which includes equipment such as buffering and strapping ensuring perfect control of the packing lines, as well as efficient continuity and flow in production.