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Our sales team can advise you on the optimal solution to fit your requirements

Your customer requirements are getting more demanding over the years. You need to supply higher quality and be more cost efficient. Our Aweta sales experts have a deep understanding of your local market and your specific produce. We at Aweta can advise you on the best equipment fitting your needs and budget. From a single line to a turnkey integrated system.

I have a deep understanding of my produce and customer requirements but am not sure what sorting equipment gives me the optimal output, fitting my budget

At Aweta, we have an extensive network of passionate sales experts around the world. As technology leaders in the market, our sales experts will dedicate quality time with you in order to get a real understanding of your organisation, process and requirements. With an extensive knowledge of both your market and produce, our team will propose an optimal solution for your business and makes sure that you get the best returns on your investment. 


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